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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 2015 Sew-In

Several club members gathered for a sew in last Saturday, March 7th.  We had a great time together.  We worked on our own projects this time ... anything goes.  Remember to click on any photo for a larger close-up.

First up.........Kathy B and Val B.  Here they are making design decisions for Valerie's project.

This is Kathy B's  X's and O's project.  She was able to add the borders and be ready for the next quilting stage.  The best part of this photo is .......................  the   SOCKS !   Kathy is showing off her socks in this photo....testament to a colorful quilter, indeed!   You can see her in the photo above.

Here is our Mary D., working on a secret project.  Ssssh, don't tell.    LOL  I wonder what it could be?

This is Stephanie J., our ever-faithful  fearless leader.  Steph is working on a child comfort quilt of comfy flannel with raw edge applique stars.

Here is Dee, working on a new outfit for the m o u s e.  What some gals will do for a friend.  
And me ? ...... see the table behind Dee,  I'm  cutting up bolts of home dec fabric for our new year of school book bags.  I got 48 bag and strap kits cut.

and here is our Alice .  She is creating a colorful 4-patch quilt.  Somebody will love to cuddle under this bright and warm quilt.

We had a great sew day.   We see signs of spring on the way and fresh new energy for more quilts.  See you all next month!

Friday, March 6, 2015

March 2015 Club Meeting

We missed lots of members at the March meeting....several snowbirds still to return home.  In the meantime, we had a wonderful show and tell.

Arlene made a beautiful quilt with the jewel box pattern.  She has a wonderful way of mixing fabrics, it comes so natural for her.

and here is the back. I hope you can see the detail of her hand quilting,  just beautiful!

This is a second jewel box quilt by Arlene; she made very good use of our winter season

with more hand quilting........................I missed getting a picture of the back.

Arlene's sunshine and shadows log cabin quilt

also hand quilted................

Arlene's family is so blessed to be receiving all her hand-quilted treasures.

Now, here Susie is showing off a sweet little rag quilt. It is a pretty varigated fleece.  The girls called it sherbet, perfect for it's spring-like appeal.

and here is the back.......................................

Lesa shared a delightful demo of techniques for the 'fold and sew quick and easy blocks'.  She also provided a handout illustrating all the blocks.  It truly looks quick and easy and will be a great method for maintaining those low-stress days.

here is a great example using the fold and sew technique.  This little quilt frames colorful embroidery blocks suitable for a child's quilt.

That's it.  We're looking forward to seeing the rest of our members coming home from their warm winter homes soon!  We missed you.