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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 2014 Club Meeting

We enjoyed a presentation by Jan M. about incorporating men's ties into your quilts.  Jan demonstrated how to take the ties apart; how the opened ties can differ in shape and size and how to cut it up for the best use in your quilt projects.

Here, Jan is displaying ways to use the ties in string blocks with different settings and sashings.


Jean S showed off her finished Patriotic Braided Flag banner.  We started this project at the last retreat.  Jean included some fancy stitches from her machine to quilt it up.

We also had a wonderful collection of charity quilts finished for this month.  Joyce D. brought in 13 quilts for the childrens ward!  THANK YOU, always, JOYCE !   Here are some photos .....

and Kat S. finished up 2 quilts for the children's ward....

October is a busy month for the Piecemakers Quilt Club.  Several sew-together project days are scheduled.  Hope you can get your mojo going and attend some of these days.  It is always a fun fellowship.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014 Charity Workshop

We had a charity workshop on Thursday, Sept 11th.  In remembrance of that infamous day in our history, we concentrated our efforts on the red, white and blue.  There was a small turn out but a very large effort using our gifts to celebrate and comfort others.

Here is our fearless leader, Stephanie J. She is working on the sashing and outer borders of a wonderful quilt of valor.

and here is that quilt of valor, in all it's glory.  It really is a wonderful piece.  We don't know who the original maker is,  but it will be finished and gifted to a special soldier and his family.

and here is a close-up of the special quilting

Here is our dear Mary D. - hard a work preparing pieces for the upcoming pillowcase drive.

I found a batch of 20 orphan blocks, trimmed them to size and started planning them into a quilt top.  I made sashing and picked out a border.  Here you see the beginning of a quilt of valor.  I brought all the parts home and have the top assembled now.  It is waiting in line for quilting.

That's it for today!  Hope you can join us next time.  We do have a great day together.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 2014 Club Meeting

We welcomed two new members to our club;  Suzie S. and Jan B.      WELCOME!
We hope you will be inspired and enriched through your time spent with quilting friends!

The September meeting opened with a wonderful lecture and demonstration by Randy Newman on the craft of making rugs from fabric strips.  He explained about the different methods of weaving and crocheting the strips.  He had samples of rugs, bowls, baskets and table mats along with the different frames he built which are needed to support the design work while its being created.

Randy Newman, connecting fabric strips for rug making

Randy Newman,  working fabric strips onto a frame

Show and Tell

This 4-Patch Posy was made by Suzanne B.'s mom.  It is a huge top with 99 posy blocks.  Suzanne is one of our LA's  in the club.  Naturally, she will have a great time quilting it up for her mom.

This huge quilt top is one of several that Lisa S. rescued from a goodwill-type shop. She is thinking about how she will quilt it.  I call this an orange peel variation design, since the peels are pieced with multiple fabrics.  The peels are appliqued onto the squares. 

This lovely Disappearing 9 Patch quilt was made by Susie S.

Here is a lovely wall hanging made by Shirley P.  for her autumn decor.

 Charity Works

* The childrens quilts were being shown so quickly that I couldn't keep up with who did what; but I can tell you this..................  6 quilts made by Joyce D.;    4 quilts made by Arlene S.;       3 quilt tops quilted and finished by  Kat S.;  and a very large quilt (the one with the green backing) was made by Jean S.   Thank you everyone for your generous efforts!   .............. and here they are !

 back of 9-patch quilt

Arlene & Dee


  • We are having another charity sew day on Thursday, Sept 11th.  Hope you can be there.

  • Remember the links page where you can find helpful links for blocks and techniques. You will find a link to the pillowcase project coming up in October.

Corrections or additions to blog content can be sent to me at katscribner3@gmail.com.   I wish you a happy and creative day.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 2014 Charity Workshop

Club had a charity workshop on Saturday, August 9th.  We had a wonderful day together.  It doesn't look like there was a lot of finishes, but we got alot of projects started and brought home the unfinished work.

Here is Alice making up kits in preparation for our pillowcase project in November.  Alice appears over-worked, but I think she had all the fun by rummaging through all the donated fabrics and making up pretty sets.

Here is Arlene, sew hard at work!  Arlene has a work ethic that promptly knows what to do with something, and gets right at it..... a truly gifted and serious quilter.

This is our fearless leader, Stephanie at the work table.  She is the backbone of our missions.  She totes the totes with the donated supplies to our events and she offers encouragement in abundance!  and not to be slighted,  here is Dee at the ironing board.  It appears that her attention is distracted and she just may iron over her fingers!

Here is Kathy B.  She is also a regular elf at our workshops. Kathy is deep in thought....sashings and borders....which fabric?.....how wide?......  common decisions we face with every project.

I was here too.  There is not a photo of me because I was having another bad hair day or maybe because I was taking the photos!   We had a small group this month, but we were in good company and it was time well spent!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 2014 Club Meeting

We had a great meeting on Thursday, August 7th.  After taking care of club business,  we enjoyed a presentation on prairie points by Arlene S.  Arlene demonstrated how to make prairie points, how to plan their spacing and how to secure them to the edge of your quilt and finish it on the back.

Arlene owns a bundle of traditional quilts, all designed, pieced and mostly hand quilted by her.  We got a close-up view of these quilts which included prairie points.

She also passed around samples of prairie points  'in-progress'.  This example shows how you might alternate points in two layers without having to insert them into each other.  I really like this effect.

Show and Tell

Our show and tell program was amazing.  Arlene creates very large bed quilts.  She shared several with us tonite.  This first one was part of the prairie point demonstration. If it would be  possible to narrow down my choices, this autumn quilt is one of my favorites.

This is a Scottie dog quilt.  Arlene said every block was embroidered by hand!

This quilt has lots of open space. She said she loves to use a continuous line quilting stencil for her hand quilting tasks.

Jan M. made this Christmas Twister quilt for her holiday decorating.

This is a very special memory quilt made by Jen M.  The appliques and other details  are made from clothings and special items meaningful to the intended recipient.  Up close, it is another gorgeous piece, by Jen.  

This special bag was made by Valerie. It began with a quiltsmart interfacing pattern.

Charity Sewing

This beautiful Quilt of Valor was made by Jan M.  She is donating it to be given to a special veteran in our community.  Thank you, Jan.  Our veterans are most deserving!


The following quilts will be given to the local hospital children's ward.

made by Karlita S.

2 quilts made by Joyce D.

Dick and Jane made by Joyce D.

made by Suzanne & Susan and quilted by Shirley

top made by Rose Hughes, quilted by Kat S

made by Kat S

made by Kat S

Piecemakers Quilt Club had another great month.  See you all soon!