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Friday, February 6, 2015

February 2015 Club Meeting

We had a great February meeting.  With Decembers' Christmas party and a weather cancellation for January, it seems so long since we've had a meeting. There was lots of business to cover.  We also had our annual garage sale and a great demo from Stephanie on the mystery project we're doing next Saturday.  With all the holiday festivities behind us, we are all anxious to get back to our creative side.

So, let's get on to the show and tell.

Here is Stephanie, demonstrating designing possibilities from the cut units of our annual mystery project.

Show and Tell

This beauty is the creation of Lesa S.  It is a queen size quilt, and the photo does not do it justice.  It is gorgeous!  Everyone would have walked home with it, should we be able to distract her guard.

She also made a matching pillowsham for the bed topper.  Just drool-worthy.  Shame on her for showing off.

Jennifer M, Pres. -  acquired the navy seal emblem in the center and built this quilt around it. It is just wonderful and the slivers of gold make it sparkle.

This is Susie's  spool quilt top.  It is totally hand pieced. A labor of love, I'd say.  Susie is a devoted hand quilter but she says she is happy to be finished with the hand piecing.

and Susie S. also made this adorable applique quilt for one very special little great grandchild.

Our Charity Quilt Missions

                                 Here are 3 small bundles of joy donated by our Dee S.

Kathy B. started this bow tie quilt during one of our workshops and brought in the finished quilt.

Kat S. started this quilt during a workshop last year.  The top was created with pre-cut squares from the club's donated stash.  She made alternating 4-patches, then finished it up at home.

Here is another finished product started during our workshops.  Stephanie shows off the finished quilt.

This is an unknown soldier.  I know it is made up of postage stamp pieces and contains many old indigos from the 40's and some actual pieces from the 30's.  There was so much excitement over this piece, that ownership is blurred.  Maybe someone will send me an email with the info.

We thank everyone for your efforts on behalf of the club.  I hope to see you all next Saturday.