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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 2015 Meeting

We had a good meeting in June.  Lots of  decisions were needed to be made for the upcoming summer and fall activities.

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After the meeting, we enjoyed a program from Val B..  She demonstrated a special tool to make pineapple blocks.  It looked so easy and lots of fun. You just needed 1-1/2 inch strips and this ruler for trimming into the right angles.

Here are some quilts she made with the pineapple tool.

Pres. Jen also presented a program on the color wheel.  She explained the concept of the wheel and how to use it.  She handed out some printouts and sent us all home with some homework to prepare for the next meeting.  This is a 4-part lesson.


We'll begin with the bundle of children's charity quilts
made by Joyce D.

Shirley P. showed off her heartfelt special project

Arlene showed off another gorgeous quilt made for a family member.
I wonder if she is interested in adoption?

Jen M. shared an adorable 'puppy' quilt.

Kat (me), showed off a special veteran's quilt.

and here is the pieced back

There were some other wonderful projects presented, but my camera batteries died out.  So sorry we are missing them!

So ladies,  don't forget to do your homework and bring it to the next meeting.   LOL  
Have a great month  and  keep on quilting!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

May 2015 Retreat

Greetings everyone!  I've finally edited the photos from our overnight retreat in May.  If I don't do things right away, it is so much harder to get yourself back to it.

We had a great time.  Actually I think the time went by quickly.  We did indulge ourselves with a cat nap, then got right back to it.  There was plenty of sugar to keep us energized.

We had a pot luck carry in,  lots of food and desserts, vegetables were scarce.  But then what is the most important ingredient at a sew-in ............. chocolate.  Yep, we had chocolate. Here is our buffet table.  Everyone was invited to dinner, even if they couldn't stay overnight.

Click on the photos for a nice close-up view.

Our buffet table.  Is Mary here leading the line-up  or going back for seconds?  

Here is Susie and Alice having an after-dinner chat.

Here is a pic of ladies working hard at having fun....Dee, Susie, Mary  and Pres. Jen waaay at the back.

Alice is working hard on her quilt.

Arlene is always working on a traditional masterpiece.                                        

Kathy B.  is seen here  knee deep in projects for her annual craft sale.

Here is Pres. Jen hard at work.

Pres. Jen brought a troubled medallion, looking for ideas to turn it into a quilt.  She received much help, since quilters can't resist sharing their creative ideas.

It's truly evident that Stephanie is enjoying her work!

We had a great time and fondled lots of fabric.  I thought I was too old to stay up all night,  but each year gets easier.  I'm looking forward to next years' quilting marathon!