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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 2016 Workshop

We had a great workshop on January 23rd.  Two very large projects are off and running.  The first one is the  4-H T-Shirt project.  There was a mountain of T-Shirts leftover from events with the 4-H Club.  Brand new ... they musn't go to waste.  So, our club is making T-Shirt quilts.  Some will be raffled for fundraisers and some will be comfort quilts.

We got a great start on this project.  Here is Stephanie organizing the beginnings of the  T-Shirt Sweatshop.  Look at all the supplies she brought.

Here is Lesa  hard at work sashing up the t-shirt panels.

and here is Lesa planning the layout and preparing the shirt panels.

Here is Margaret.  She looks like she's running out on us, but actually she spent alot of time preparing the shirts, making plans and probably went home with a batch to sew together.

and here is Dee.  She's experienced with making T-Shirt quilts.  Her table is stacked with a project also.

There is not a photo of me,  thank you very much.  (g)  I spent my time collecting ideas from the girls and planning the beginning of our Bicentennial Quilt.  I got the background panels prepared with fusible interfacing . I brought them home to section them off for townships.  I must also get the hand embroidery traced on each one.  Then I can start planning the center panel.  I also came home with 3 childrens quilt tops to quilt up.   I am a magnet, I always bring home work from these workshops.

Alice also stopped in for a visit and spent some quality time with us.  We had a most productive day!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 2016 Meeting

Greetings quilting friends.  We passed up our meeting for December in lieu of a Christmas party at Stephanie's home.  We had good food and a good time.

January's meeting entailed lots of decisions about club activities for the new year.  Stephanie was presented with a stash of T-Shirts from the 4H Club.  We are using them to make T-Shirt quilts for fundraisers and donation.  This is our project for the January 23rd sew day.  All supplies are provided, just bring your cutting tools, sewing machine and caring energy.

Here is Stephanie demonstrating the process to prepare the shirts for quilting.......

Here is an awesome and very personal T-Shirt quilt that Stephanie made for her Father.  He was a very dedicated baseball player.  It is unique in design and very special.

Now on to our mission of charity comfort quilts................

These two quilts were made by our Alice.  The yellow one  is for donation and one is for a family member ........

Here is another fine batch made by our Joyce D.  These will go to the local hospital children's ward.

Here is a large lap quilt, 60 x 71.  The log cabin blocks were orphans donated to the club.  I surrounded them with a dark brown so the blocks would shine.  I'm pretty sure I had help constructing the blocks  from quilting friends at one of our sew days last year. I finished it up with simple quilting and binding.

This is another quilt made from donated orphan blocks.  We decided to use the entire batch which is why it's queen size -- 81 x 97.  It will be saved for a very special purpose.  Lesa S. helped sew the blocks with me.  I finished it up with quilting and binding.

That's it for now.  I hope to see you all at the sew day this Saturday.  We will have plans for the Bicentennial quilt project going on too, so please stop by for an update, even if you can't stay the day. Bring your lunch and share some social time at noon.