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Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2015 Meeting

Oh dear.  It's October, it's Fall and life just got alot busier. Christmas and parties and fairs and charity programs, so much to prepare for.

Our meeting began with a delightful program presented by Sherry Gorrell, currently of Ohio.  We enjoyed a lovely trunk show and heard many stories about the quilts.

Sherry told us how she came to be a member of her quilt club in Ohio. The club was restricted to 40 members and so she was put on a waiting list.  When she finally got into the club, she was befriended by a member named Betty.  They formed a great bond.  Eventually Betty moved on to a nursing home and gifted Sherry with her stash of fabrics, scraps, blocks and tops.  Since then, Sherry has made it her mission to turn Betty's stash into quilts and gift them out.

She said this quilt was made  from 9 - patches.

I forget the name of this pattern, but doesn't it make a lovely quilt.

This quilt evolved from large 4-patch sampler squares.  Sherry signed up for a class one time, the class ended up being cancelled and she was 'put'  into a  "free motion quilting"  class.  Each block was used as a sampler for specific FMQ designs.  It was her beginner sampler.  You will see on the back that she poo poo'd  the  'beginner' title.  The quilting was spectacular to us.

and here is the back which shows all the quilting

This is another quilt using scraps from Betty.  This is a card trick quilt.  Sherry hand quilted this quilt.  It is truly amazing!

This is a pansies quilt.  I think Sherry said it was her very first quilt. She also said she was not fond of purple, and quickly gave the quilt away once it was finished.  She also hand quilted this one.

One day she set out to use up all the flannels in the bunch, and so this quilt was made.

This is a scrappy bricks pattern.  She said the fabrics on their own were quite ugly,  but when all put together, makes an appealing quilt.

This little project was an experiment with unfamiliar textiles and paints and textures and methods.  She turned it into this floral wall hanging.

Sherry presented several more useful items made from smaller pieces of fabrics.  She also showed many examples of items made for charity drives.  Finally, she passed around a basket of goodies to share with our club.

What an enjoyable meeting time we had!

Was our only show and tell from Kat S.  (me) ??  .... some christmas stockings for family.

and here's some more ...... there are 12 stockings all together.  Only 5 doggie stockings to do now.


some quilts by Joyce D

2 quilts from Suzanne B.

and some quilts by other club members


  • Monday, OCT 12th,  charity sew/craft day open to club, church & friends, bring a project or Stephanie will provide supplies for sewing and yarns for knitting and crochet.  There's little jobs to do also in case you don't want to bring a sewing machine.
  • Saturday, OCT 24th, club sew day; a good time to work on ornaments and/or charity quilts.


  • 3 christmas tree ornaments (any theme) for Altrusa party
  • 3 christmas tree ornaments - ** theme:  quilt blocks,  make 3" or 4" ornaments with a quilting theme
  • Secret Santa.... $8.00 max - can be handmade, purchased, or both,  (for those who missed October's meeting and signed up for the secret santa program, the remaining names were drawn for you by Pres. Jen.

I think we had a great meeting.  I hope to see alot of members at our Oct 12th sew day.