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Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 2017 Meeting

Here are all the pics from our February meeting ..........

Let's start with all the photos of our great members;   here is Dee and Lesa; two very serious officers of the club

this is Alice    

Here is Arlene and Malinda,  so glad to see you both back to club

and this is Cathy and Joyce

and  here is Dee, Kat (me) and Lesa

and here is Margaret and Mary ...............  excuse me,  isn't there a story about Margaret and Mary,  oooops, no that was Martha and Mary,  Sorry

and here is  Susie

and Teresia and Patti

and Suzanne, Val and Cathy


This gorgeous quilt was made by Joyce.  She is looking for 1/2 yard of the dark purple for the binding; so if you can help, please let her know

another angle

two lovely quilts made by Arlene

and this one

Alice is sharing her finish from the paint chip challenge presented last year....


here is the pile of charity quilts for the childrens ward at the hospital;  MOST of them were made by Joyce.  Thanks, always, Joyce!



and another angle....

That's it.  I think I'm up to date with photos now,  until next Saturday, Feb 11th, sew day.

Hurry up and be gone, winter.  We want our snowbirds back in town.

Friday, February 3, 2017

January 2017 wo

We had a great workshop day on January 21st.   We worked on charity projects and some of our own projects.

Here is Arlene basting up one of her gorgeous quilts.  She brought 3 quilts to baste but I missed getting a photo of the others.

Here is  Jean  hard at work

Here is Mary and Lesa.............................

Here is Margaret ......................

and this adorable baby quilt made by Lesa,  donating to a family suffered loss by fire

while we're on that subject,  here is a lap quilt donated to this family by Kat  (me)

and here is the back of that quilt - ain't she creative (frugile)  ?????

here is Stephanie, Dee and our newest club member, Raelyn (Dee's granddaughter), plus the only part of Alice caught in a photo this day is  her  arm ............  SO SORRY Alice.

and here is Stephanie working on her wallhanging.

and here Stephanie, Val and Arlene hard at work

and here is  a closeup of our newest member, Raelyn, future club president and all-round quilter extrodinaire  wannabe

Lastly,  stumbled on another folder and found these two photos,  the first one is Alice, all of her this time.

and this creative top is actually the backing Arlene made for one of her wonderful quilts,  love it as it is too, makes a great top

Next sew day  is February 11th.  See you then ....................................